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Unique team

Experience from law firms and from companies. Where else can you find that?

Whether from law firms, businesses or an academic environment, the partners of Pier 11 bring in unique experience. We believe that in order to offer solutions that help businesses to advance, it is not enough to have legal and academic expertise but in addition you need to understand how companies work. Pier 11 does.

A takeover, a new partner, an investment – company decisions are often weighty and involve considerable risks. The legal advice and support in these matters, therefore, requires knowledge, instinct, diligence and precision. Many variables must be identified, assessed and coordinated so that you achieve your objectives with certainty.

This is set against the entrepreneurial desire to progress further as quickly and efficiently as possible. We understand both sides, because we have worked in law firms as well as in companies. With our academic credentials, we bring a third aspect to the table. This means that we can always deliver solutions that blend the pragmatic with academic excellence. Thorough, efficient and focused.

The better way

This is what sets us apart from our competitors – and how you can benefit.

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Transparent pricing

Telling you in advance how much it will cost. This is something business people take for granted. So do we.

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Our service package

Corporate, Finance and Commercial – the core areas of business law.

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Our values

High quality advice is great. Even better is when it is based on a clear set of values.

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