4. April 2022 | Team

Pier11 is delighted to announce that our client Audiencly – Influencer Marketing Agency, an industry leader in influencer marketing for the gaming industry, has been acquired by Flexion Mobile Plc (Nasdaq: FLEXM), a leading Nasdaq North listed games distribution company.

Adrian Kotowski, CEO of Audiencly: “We have built Audiencly with a focus on our gaming customers and their individual needs. Audiencly’s campaign and creator-centric approach for gaming brands has a strong impact on user acquisition processes and complements other customer acquisition channels. Our huge growth is the result of deep knowledge, a data-driven approach, and a worldwide network of leading content creators backed by a great team.“

Congratulations to Adrian Kotowski, Michael Schmidt, and Andre Kuschel on this outstanding accomplishment! It has been a great pleasure to work with you.

Pier11 (Prof. Dr. Stephan R. Göthel and Team (Steffen Wulff, Dr. Martin Fornoff)) as legal M&A advisor, Graef Rechtsanwälte (Prof. Dr. Christian Rauda) as IP/IT legal advisor and Technology Return (Jens Nolden) as financial M&A advisor advised the founders and owners of Audiencly in this transaction.

About Pier11:

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